So you’ve gone and bought your new iPhone, and it’s happy days all round. Do you think that’s it? You think you’re done? Well you’re not! You’re absolutely not done! Because this new bad boy needs to be sheathed in something protective, something cool, something nobody else around has got. This new iPhone of yours is going to need a new iPhone case, but there is a bewilderingly large array of cases to choose from. But not to worry, we here at EBuzz are going to help you through this minefield!


Xtreme Case Large

Best Suited For: Anyone who fears they may drop their phone. So, everyone.

Let’s face it, we’ve all dropped our phone at one point or another. Sometimes we’ve been lucky, and our phones came away entirely unscathed. Other times, we pick it up and the entire screen has been shattered and we just sit there and cry. But with the XTREME Phone Case, which is designed to take 90% of any impact you should send its way, all the fears of broken phones should be a thing of the past. Just don’t, you know, start firing them out of catapults or anything.


Incipio B

Best Suited For: Photographers.

With the smartphone replacing the likes of digital cameras and those ancient wind-and-snap fun cameras, they’re being taken more seriously by photographers. The Incipio “Focal” has dedicated zoom and shutter buttons, and a well-integrated grip to make your picture-taking quick and easy.


Over Board

Best Suited For: Anyone who finds themselves in or near a lot of water, a lot of the time.

This one-size-fits-all case (except if you have the giant iPhone6 Plus, which you could probably safely use as a surfboard if you felt the need) is made up of a clear thermoplastic polyurethane, which perfectly and easily suits the needs of those who may want to use their camera underwater, or just those who want to know that their phone is safe and sound from water damage while it’s in their pocket.


RedBubble B

Best Suited For: Your inner geek.

If you can geek out about it, then there’s probably an iPhone cover for it. So why not show off what you get super passionate about – be it Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who or the dreaded Pokemon – and have it all over your phone so everyone can be super jealous of you and/or secretly judge you for your lifestyle choices.



Best Suited For: Hypochondriacs.

Using a unique antimicrobial protection on the inside of the case, every time you put your iPhone in and out of this thing, it’s cleaning the surfaces free of germs and other nasties you would otherwise get all over your phone on an average day. Apparently 15 minutes in here will kill 80% of all bacteria on your phone, and two hours should just about make it 100% clean. Happy days!

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