Communication integration

The Apple watch brings a whole new meaning to get in touch. You can draw a finger sketch on the face of your watch, and send it to a friend who can watch how you drew it. You can also tap your watch and send it to a friend and they will feel a light tap to “let loved ones know you’re thinking of them.’ You can use Shazam to identify songs on the radio, in our car, or at the Opera you frequent regularly.

Apple Pay Paves the Way

Apple Pay is the detail free way of paying for things. Like contact payment for McDonalds (not that an Apple watch user would shop there), you can simply rub your Apple watch off a card machine, and your steak and caviar is all paid for. It’s a snazzy addition, if not a little worrying that your mountains of cash might be a little exposed.

 Time for a Check-Up

One of the biggest market developments in the past year is technology that monitors you fitness and health. Apple tune into this by creating apps that check and monitor for Breast Cancer, or Asthma. They also have a chart where you can set fitness goals for yourself, and then tells you during the day what you need to do more of – running standing or sitting (We know which one we need). You can also monitor your heart rate, and then send it to your fellow Apple Watch users.

Battery Life

Although Apple promises “all-day mixed usage” that boils down to “90 time checks, 90 notifications, 45 minutes of app use, and a 30-minute workout with music playback from Apple Watch via Bluetooth over the course of 18 hours”. If that’s not enough for you the battery is replaceable, so in two years’ time when the newest model comes out, chances are you’ll be able to avail of a longer battery life.

Looks Matter

They have seriously upped their aesthetics game – the new apple watch is more slick and shiny than the original black square wrist box you see below. You can also buy a watch with a special Mickey Mouse clock face, for the child inside you. They have also divided their different styles into three neat groups; Watch, Watch Sport and Watch Edition. One of these you can sweat all over it and pay a lot less for it, too.

The Apple Watch starts at $349 for the sports watch and rises to a cool $17,000 for top-of-the-luxury-line 18-karat gold Edition. For more info:

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