Why I’ll miss Vizify

Build a personal website in seconds, that’s what Vizify’s strap line used to say. It caused a stir when it launched and people started talking about it: Use Vizify to monitor and improve how you use Twitter wrote blogger Brian Thomas Humek, while Andrew Couts wrote about how it knows (well privacy is history) everything about you.

I forget how I found Vizify, but I’m glad I did. I’m really not sure how I used it or how often, but it’s a remarkably simple to use tool thats not so much a personal website like About.me, but a social business card. And when I used it, it honestly made me smile, sort of HootSuite meets WayBack Machine, but in 30 seconds. . The stand out feature is the micro-video it creates from your social posts, adding royalty free music, your top interactions and connections, and to prompt self-reflection if your fitness tracker has failed yet again to go in to sleep mode for a week, a useful little chart of when you Tweet the most.vizify_001

So as a result of the Yahoo! acquisition, Vizify will be ‘sunsetting’ the service, so now new sign-ups or paid plans and the service sill archive your profile until September. On their website, they don’t talk about the specifics of how they’ll bring Vizify to Yahoo!, but it’s fair to assume the service will be reappear at Yahoo! powering part of your Yahoo! account in an animated portrayal of the social elements of your profile encompassing your college details (a la Rivals.com), your blog posts (Tumblr) and your images (Flickr). It’s a good acquisition for Yahoo! giving them a a tool to combine images : aesthetics : social in to a catchy little box that is made for mobile. So no more grim avatar in your friends profile photo, instead a rich, animated informative overview of who they are and who they talk to.

It’s a good day for Yahoo!, more components for the revival of the web’s biggest sleeper, it’s a good day for founders, former Monsoon Commerce colleagues, Eli Tucker, Todd Silverstein <http://toddsilverstein.com/> and Jeff Cutler-Stamm, and investor Jonathan Sposato  but I’m not quite leaping with joy. I’ll miss Vizify; those videos, the quick interaction overview and the shock of seeing when I Tweet most; the sun’s setting one of the coolest, sharpest little tools the web’s served up in a while. Hurry up Yahoo!.

  1. Read the announcement at Vizify.com
  2. The state of information visualisation, 2014: Robert Kosara
  3. Yahoo! acquires data visualisation star : InfoWorld

Yahoo timeline image by: Yahoo : Review CC Licence


Vizify statement

As part of our transition to Yahoo, we will no longer be allowing new signups or purchases of paid plans. We will also be sunsetting the Vizify service.

What does this mean for me?

As an existing Vizify account holder, look for an email in the coming weeks with more details. But for now, to make the transition process easier on you, we’re taking a few extra steps:

  • For all bioholders, free and paid, we’ll be providing a way for you to opt-in to “archive” a snapshot of your current bio that will remain live at the same URL through September 4, 2014.
  • For those of you with a current paid plan, we’ll be issuing a full refund for everything you’ve paid Vizify.
  • For Premium customers who registered a domain through Vizify (like your-name .com), we’ll be providing instructions so you can assume ownership of your domain, free of charge.

What do I need to do?

You’ll be getting an additional email from us next week with steps you’ll need to take. In the meantime, see our FAQ.

– Team Vizify

For any bioholders who do not opt-in to archive their bio by April 7, 2014, the Terms of Service will terminate and all licenses granted to you will be revoked on April 7, 2014.

Vizify is a registered trademark. Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 812 Washington St. #800, Portland, OR 97205

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