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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

This seventh generation of Paperwhite is the first I’ve owned with a light, and it’s worth the upgrade for this alone. In daylight, the light is unnoticeable and the screen reads like any Kindle. However, in fading light or sitting up in bed, it’s bright but not distracting or tiring on the eyes.
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Amazon Echo: Alexa, Andy & Joe sit down to talk

Andy and Joe sat down to talk about about Amazon's Echo - which Andy swears is the bookseller's next billion dollar business and he showed Joe how he'd integrated it with his Nest Thermostat and Wemo Belkin plugs, and they chatted about the future of home-automation and asked, as Alexa's role in daily life broadened, could the Amazon Echo eventually be part of home-care for assisted living as part of the developing conscious home.
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Can anything stop Netflix? Only acquisition, and that would probably be by Amazon.

The financial services firm Cowen and Company conducted a survey on the viewing numbers of House of Cards indicating that one in ten Netflix subscribers had watched at least one episode of the Netflix 'own brand' political drama. On average, the survey indicates that users watched six episodes. A success? Undoubtedly. A surprise? Surely not.

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Why I’m hooked on Audible

I've always been a reader - all sorts - fiction, biography, technical, politics. It's gone in phases, but fiction generally wins out - I made my way through Henning Mankell's Wallander series in a personal best time - I probably should have been keeping current on something much more 'current-affairsy'.