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iBeacons Can Change Retail Forever

Today on Down To Business we chatted about a simple little device, costing around €25. There's not much inside, they're not that smart and they're a modest price but these little pieces of plastic could change the way we spend our money, and our time forever. You can use the information advertised by beacons to enhance the user’s experience of a particular location. For example, a museum app can monitor for beacons placed near the museum’s important exhibits.
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The object of my affection revealed.

There's been talk for a while. I've left clues around the office and said too much on occasion. Suspicions have been raised. Finally, I'm willing to admit there's something going on, or at least I can no longer ignore the frisson of excitement that tickles me when I find myself near a data centre. There she is, all cooled and sparse. I can't keep this to myself any longer.