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Micro Drone : The Gadget Buzz, London Calling #3

One of the biggest successes in crowd-funding we came across this year was Micro Drone, founded by Vernon Kerswell. Vernon's project initially raised over $3.5 million on Indiegogo. Kelly Angood from Indiegogo chatted with Joe Donnelly about what can make a project special, before Joe gets a lesson on flying the Micro Drone from Vernon.
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Looking for Crowd-funding? Take some lessons first.

By the end of September this year entrepreneurs will have a new way to reach accredited investors with private offerings—advertising. Stemming from, allowing advertising is intended to make it easier for entrepreneurs to raise capital for their new businesses, and create jobs in the process. But funding creative projects is an inherently risky thing. What can go wrong probably will, and if a creator hasn't budgeted for that, they're going to get burned. That doesn't make it any nicer...but it may be a fact we all have to get used to if Kickstarter is sticking around - Alex Hern : The New Statesman