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Security Starts With Passwords

Passwords could provide the strongest link in your chain of security, so it’s critical to use a strong password, the right length, the right combination of characters, and change it often. But what makes for a secure password?
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The Cost of CyberCrime and Insuring Against It

The impact of a cyber-breach on a small business could be catastrophic and the cost mightn’t just be financial. Reputation and operations could all threatened if a business is the victim of CyberCrime, but insurers may provide some peace of mind with the more widespread availability of Cyber Insurance policies.
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The Pirate Bay sets sail: Fame Over?

Swedish based file-sharing site The Pirate Bay (#TPB : #PirateBay) which was raided yesterday stopped operating for a short time, but despite continuing coverage of the closure, the Pirate Bay is back online, with some outlets claiming it has moved to Costa Rica. In fact the torrent sharing web-site, created as a platform of protest and recently disowned by one of its founders has moved, but closer to home than Central America.
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Is your company Cybersecurity aware?

As part of the Keeping the UK safe in Cyberspace, in April the UK Information Security Breaches 2013 was published by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and The Shareholder Executive. Although there is an excellent website to review the survey's findings,  as an experiment in using Data Wrapper,  I used this free and remarkably intuitive tool to visualise a few interesting elements of the survey...

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Hacking: British government extends Innovation Vouchers

Social hacking and breaches like the AP Twitter account are by far the most common sort of cyber-security threat. Spotty youths with laptops or activists are not the big threat to small business; the threat to you is about your banking and finance details, your customers' details, data and their payment information. The bad guys are interested in details that can be converted to cash - and that means competitively valuable information like sales reports and new business leads - the cost to trust and reputation also have to be considered.