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Úll 2014 report : Newstalk’s Down To Business with Bobby Kerr

Bobby Kerr asked Andy O'Donoghue about Úll 2014, the most important conference of its type this year, held at the Lyrath Estate in Co Kilkenny. A conference that started about iOS development, is now about making beautiful products. This year amongst others, Jean McDonald from App Camp for Girls, the legendary John Gruber and Machina co-founder & CEO Linda Franco made this conference / experience memorable for the best of reasons. But in the heartland of Ireland, why were Irish start-ups so scarce? Discuss.
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BYOD : Newstalk with Microsoft & HP

In the Technology in Business segment on Down To Business with Bobby Kerr today, we were joined by Mike Hughes from Microsoft and Ben Cranks from HP. Products like Microsoft Office365 and the HP ElitePad 900 are changing the game - in the sense that small business now has access to the same technology as larger businesses enabling them to leverage the benefits of mobility.

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It’s all about the money – Getting paid online

On today's show we discussed the topic of getting paid online. Let's say your website is operational, you're getting traffic, or visitors to your website and they are ordering. So you need to get paid. Almost all transactions right now on the web are carried out using debit or credit cards, although over the next year we'll see more credit-transfers, or direct payments from customer's current accounts.

Time to take the tablets, to work: IDC revise tablet numbers

The ‘consumerisation of IT’ has brought tablet computing from the living room to the office. And tablets are radically changing businesses. Initially the tablet was perceived as a 'third device' - in addition to the PC and mobile phone. It's likely though, that traditional PC sales over this next year will be squeezed as many business users adopt the tablet as their primary device.