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HP Envy 13”

Back to school used to be about uniforms and books, but these days, the critical list also included technology. Parents are now being told that smartphones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets are now crucial components for the schoolbag. How does HP's stylish new Envy 13" stack up for the new term?
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Sam Labs : The Gadget Buzz, London Calling #1

The London-based startup Sam Labs, make modular kits to help curious minds of all ages learn about STEM and even experiment with the Internet of Things. Their Kickstarter campaign in 2014 raised over $200,000, and ignited Sam Lab's global ambition and Joe Donnelly sits down with founder Joachim Horn and sharpens up his maker skills.
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BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition : 2017

The BT Young Scientist is one of the oldest competitions of its type in the world. From Jan 11 - 14, 50,000 people will visit Dublin's RDS to see the work & experiments of students from the island of Ireland. BTYSE lumni have gone on, like Patrick Collison from Stripe, to found multi-billion dollar companies and to do good, like Emily Duffy with her Duffily Bag. I spoke to teacher Tracey O’Leary from Presentation Secondary School in Clonmel, and two of her students, Caoimhe Woods, 14 and Aoibhin Foley, 13, have created an app called Diabetica to help diabetics manage their illness as well as John Sims from Mary Immaculate, Lisddonvarna who's been bringing students to BTYSE for 28 years, including Jessica Kelly, a 15 old transition student who's created an app for civic crowd-sourcing, Saoránach.
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Livescribe 3 Smart-pen

Writing, used to be everywhere and I used to do it every day. Letters, notes, cheques, postcards; there was always a reason to have a pen to hand. Students of course, spent most of their academic lives taking notes and writing answers or essays. Digital evolution changed that though with the laptop and tablets replacing old fashioned paper in the home, at work and in schools. Recent research shows us though, that hand-writing may actually help students achieve better results and I always feel that if I write it down, I’ll remember it. I have no intention of casting aside my smart-phone or iPad, but, I’ve added an interesting gadget to my desk that might help me bridge what a digital gap.
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Looking for Crowd-funding? Take some lessons first.

By the end of September this year entrepreneurs will have a new way to reach accredited investors with private offerings—advertising. Stemming from, allowing advertising is intended to make it easier for entrepreneurs to raise capital for their new businesses, and create jobs in the process. But funding creative projects is an inherently risky thing. What can go wrong probably will, and if a creator hasn't budgeted for that, they're going to get burned. That doesn't make it any nicer...but it may be a fact we all have to get used to if Kickstarter is sticking around - Alex Hern : The New Statesman
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Uppsala University does the impossible

Appropriately and affectionately names Upsalite, it's a magnesium carbonate material that could reduce the amount of energy needed to control environmental moisture in the electronics and pharmaceutical industries as well as in diverse applications from ice-hockey rink surfaces to warehousing. Potentially it could have applications in toxic waste disposal, chemicals or oil spills and in chemical delivery systems, for odor control and sanitation after fire.
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Russia plans wiki-based, history school texts

At a meeting of the Russian Historical Society (RHS) at the Kremlin in Moscow officials conceding problems with the current Russian history curriculum have announced a plan, supported by President Vladimir Putin, to create a unified school textbook on Russian history, using a Wiki technology platform, as part of a 're-thinking of Russian history' initiative to coincide with events marking 400 years of the House of Romanov.
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Dropbox and a billion files a day.

Simplify your life.That's what the DropBox strap-line tells you when you arrive at And, they're true to their word. I use DropBox every day. I upoad work documents, personal documents some of my reading material. And it's everywhere. On my iPad, phone, Mac, PC. I have stopped thinking about where my files are,. An element of my life, has indeed, been simplified.