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Microsoft Lumia 650

This week we learned that the iPhone party could be over as Apple reported the first ever decline in iPhone sales. That’s big news in the technology business as the iPhone was at the heart of Apple’s resurgence as it went from tech underdog to the world beating phone maker. There is probably a combination of explanations as to why the iPhone is slipping. Economic conditions is one, market saturation another and perhaps phone buyers are looking for an alternative to the high price handsets of the market leaders.
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Forking Android : #7

Back in February at Mobile World Congress we heard about the Nokia X and learned that Nokia would be forking Android for a new line of Android handsets. But this wasn't going to be one of those dizzying, icon heavy layouts, it's wall to wall tiles. Android, but not as we know it? And, only 15 minutes in to the podcast, Dermot accuses Andy of 'Crazy Talk' when he suggests that a Device Tax might be the answer to European roaming charges.