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Motorola Moto G4

Once synonymous with quality and innovation, Motorola mobiles faded in the shadow of the super-brands and many thought the people who gave us the Star-Trek like flip phone would go the way of Nokia. Things are looking up though, as Lenovo, the world’s biggest PC maker are breathing new life in to one of the industry’s stalwarts.
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iPhone SE

When Apple reinvented the phone in 2007 they changed not only an industry, but popular culture forever. As consumers, we became fluent in the use of apps, music and telephone calls bonded on the same device and after computer scientists had toiled on touchscreens for decades, Apple went and put a beautiful little one, on a phone. Almost a decade on, Apple have seen their first ever decline in sales for their super-star product but it remains the standard bearer for an industry.
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Alcatel OneTouch 2004

Smart-phones changed the world. Some people would debate how much for the better, but they’re here to stay and I admit to relying upon mine daily, for everything from shopping lists to nudging me to take the stairs and burn a few extra calories.

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