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Elyxr Audio True Wireless Earbuds

Wires and cables have been cluttering up our digital lives for far too long. Over the last few years though, we’ve seen gadgets like wireless speakers growing more common in living-rooms and Samsung and others are using wireless charging to help set us free from cluttered bedside tables. Now, headphones are getting the wire free treatment. The new Elyxr Air Earbuds are an attempt to get rid of the wires whilst adding some clever features that make it easier to stay powered up while you’re on the move.
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Finis Duo MP3 Player For Swimmers Review

Music, is motivational. We’ve all found an anthem or a favourite that helps us read, concentrate or even drive. As for exercising, I find music crucial. The rhythm seems to take over. Whether you’re walking or running the music can push you on, a little further, a little faster. If swimming how you get your exercise though, there’s been little to help you enjoy music as you plough through a dozen lengths of the pool. Companies have tried to adapt devices like the iPod for underwater use but there hasn’t so far, been a good, cost effective solution.