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The picture’s better on the wireless

Reading, as much as I love it, has always come second. Second to Radio Drama. Even through my flirtations with the Skandy thriller brigade or a year or more of Oliver Sacks and what his clinical work means for human interface design. But radio broadcasts of dramatised books or plays haven't really been that popular for decades and it's certainly 40 or more years since the glory days of radio when families gathered around the wireless to tune in for the latest installment af a Paul Temple or Inspector West mystery - cue cliff-hanger music.
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Why I’m hooked on Audible

I've always been a reader - all sorts - fiction, biography, technical, politics. It's gone in phases, but fiction generally wins out - I made my way through Henning Mankell's Wallander series in a personal best time - I probably should have been keeping current on something much more 'current-affairsy'.