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Susan Lyne to run AOL’s ‘Built By Girls’ start-up fund

Yesterday AOL appointed Susan Lyne to lead The BBG Fund, a VC fund that will focus on early stage investments in women-led, consumer focussed internet start-ups. The fund will make seed and Series A investments, with a focus on multi-platform media, services and commerce. This isn't AOL's first foray into female focussed internet projects: MAKERS, Thrive, Global Motherhood and the Cambio/Girls Who Code program all launched within AOL. This initiative sees AOL investing in women as builders, part of a broader initiative to bring more women and girls into tech.
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Atos’ Vision & technology in sport

During the London 2012 Games, Atos unveiled a thought-provoking and in some ways controversial vision for the future of the sport in 2020 with the launch of the Digital Edition of the ascent thought leadership program illustrating their thoughts on how technology could radically transform the experience of athletes, TV and online viewers at home, and fans in the stadium by 2020. A controversial yet fascinating hypothesis they suggested was was a suggestion that by 2020 competitions could could stages where athletes compete in the same race but are not located on the same track, the same pitch or even in the same country. Athletes could perform or run in their own city, but maybe appear together as holograms in the same race, when viewed by the TV audience, or even by the stadium audience.

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