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Clearaudio Concept Turntable

It’s a nostalgic time of year as friends, family and even the television start to gaze longingly at the past with a hankering for old comedy, faces and food. My preferred dose of nostalgia though, comes via music. If you’re going back in time musically, the resurgence of the vinyl record means that the memories can sound better than they have in decades if you have player that’s up to the job.
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Polaroid Snap Digital Camera

First, it was vintage clothes. Then the vinyl revolution made record company executives sit up and take notice. Now, it’s technology, the tech of yesterday has found its time, again. Maybe the technology, food and fashion of yesterday give us an anchor in times of political and economic uncertainty. Perhaps, as in the case of vinyl records, we eventually figure out, sometimes with the help of today’s science, that some things just can’t be bested by modernity.

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