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Snap Spectacles

In order to continue fuelling growth and expansion, Snapchat has moved in to the hardware business and this has come in the form of an odd looking pair of sunglasses. There are no ordinary sunglasses and the Snap Spectacles can record up to ten seconds of video that you can post online, wirelessly. Given the furore that Google Glass caused though, have Snap managed to make a product that's easy and fun to use that won't draw the ire of the privacy sensitive?
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Smarter iKettle 3rd Generation

I’m not sure how many times a day I boil a kettle, but it’s more than a few. I always have a cup of tea on the go and I suspect I’m not alone in this nation of tea drinkers. The idea of being able to turn the kettle on while you keep your feet up is appealing. The previous version of the iKettle could do that, but now Smarter are back with a new version that’s made for smart homes.
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Onak Origami Canoe

The founders of start-up company Onak wanted to use a canoe in the city. Transporting it was the challenge though, so they came up with the idea of a foldable, origami-style gadget that’s a canoe in a case. They successfully raised the money required on crowd-funding website Kickstarter and now ship these urban-use canoes around the world.
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ACS Earphones

In the 1970s, Andy Shiach was an ambitious musician. However, an ear trauma incident, in a rehearsal studio, put paid to his musical ambition. Shiach’s ambition wasn’t thwarted though, and after study and research he would go on to found a company that’s been quietly making inroads in the competitive world of headphones.
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Sony Xperia XZ Premium

It feels like Sony has been away for a while. However, earlier this year they promised us a new flagship phone. Now available in Ireland, the Xperia XZ Premium is trying to secure its place amongst the big name premium smartphones.
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Volkswagen Golf Highline 2017

For decades it was Formula 1 that gave the car business much of its cutting edge technology. Everything from a braking system that generates power to use later to innovations in tire technology, our road cars are more efficient and safer thanks to top-tier motor racing. These days though, mainstream car companies are investing much more in their own research and design, and they’re putting technology to work for us every day on the road.
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Emfit QS Smart Mattress Sleep Monitor

Most of us recognise the value of getting a good night’s sleep. Over the last few years though, scientists have highlighted the benefits for mind, body and mood of a getting a good eight hours. The arrival of fitness trackers with their sleep monitoring feature helped many of us to be more aware of how much and how well we’re sleeping.
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Amazon Echo Dot

It’s sixty years since the smooth tones of Captain Kirk’s computer on Star Trek captured the imagination of…
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LifeBeam Smart Hat

The fitness tracker business could be in trouble. Some analysts claim that the sales of these small, often rubbery wrist-worn devices will decline this year. I still see them in electronic and sports shops but their popularity seems to be on the wain. The key reasons seem to be the rise of other wearable tech products. Apple’s arrival in to the smart-watch arena has been important but other there are other types of wearable devices that can help you monitor how much good exercise you’re getting and I think this is where the fitness conscious consumer may be migrating to.
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Alcatel Idol 4+VR

This is the year of VR, as technology leaders like Facebook, Google, Samsung and HTC launch products that can, virtually, transport you from your sofa to a planet on the other side of the universe. VR headsets are not cheap and it may be a year or two before they enter the mainstream, but phone maker Alcatel may have stolen a march on the tech giants with their new mid-range phone, as it comes packaged, inside a VR headset.

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