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Could a Brexit have been avoided if Britain had a digital voting system?

Last week I wrote a piece for the International Business Times asking the question, 'Could a Brexit have been avoided if the UK had a smarter digital voting system?'. I think it could have been and I joined Bobby Kerr on Newstalk's Down To Business to tell him a little more about sophisticated digital economies like Estonia, and how they've implemented mobile-voting.
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Can Tech Reboot Greece?

Mass emigration over the past few years of the country’s young and educated seemed to point to a complete stagnation of the country’s new business sector- the unemployment rate for 15 to 24 year olds was 56% last year. However, there are reasons for optimism. An increasingly significant handful of new start ups and investment in the country are starting to make a dent on Greece’s economic woes. Adversity may just be kick starting a new era of innovation in Greece.
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Grace Mc Ginn on Design, Responsive & Architecture

When I met Sarah, Jennie and Grace Mc Ginn recently, they said lots of interesting things. In this shortcut from Episode 13 of the Podcast I ask them wIll 'mobile first' be the OPSH approach to engaging customers? And Grace Mc Ginn talks about architecture and web design - is there a parallel in our return to flatter, cleaner design and the defining work of the modernists who created form and function, in bricks and mortar?
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Bitcoin, Makers & The (livable) Internet of Things

Where are teenagers moving to when they get FaceBook friend requests from their parents? I discussed this with Bobby this week and we chatted about the the transition from Wearable to Livable, The Internet of Things, and maybe presciently about how, for instance a plumber can integrate smart technology like heating controls in to his business. We also looked at technology trends for 2014, including BitCoin, and will this be the year it enters mainstream finance and the revolution being ignited by the maker-movement.
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Why I keep glancing in the Black Mirror

Black Mirror, an International Emmy winner, is a sort of mash-up of many things Brooker has written and spoken about. He's confessed to loving gadgets and checking his time-line too often. But it's in his Guardian column that we've seen the seeds for Black Mirror sown. Hyper conenctivity, over-sharing, 'look at me' generation X self-obsession and his guide to winning the Turner Prize have all popped up in episodes of Black Mirror to date. Described by Channel 4 as "a hybrid of The Twilight Zone and Tales of the Unexpected which taps into our contemporary unease about our modern world", it is genuinely unmissable television.