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The Pirate Bay sets sail: Fame Over?

Swedish based file-sharing site The Pirate Bay (#TPB : #PirateBay) which was raided yesterday stopped operating for a short time, but despite continuing coverage of the closure, the Pirate Bay is back online, with some outlets claiming it has moved to Costa Rica. In fact the torrent sharing web-site, created as a platform of protest and recently disowned by one of its founders has moved, but closer to home than Central America.
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Uppsala University does the impossible

Appropriately and affectionately names Upsalite, it's a magnesium carbonate material that could reduce the amount of energy needed to control environmental moisture in the electronics and pharmaceutical industries as well as in diverse applications from ice-hockey rink surfaces to warehousing. Potentially it could have applications in toxic waste disposal, chemicals or oil spills and in chemical delivery systems, for odor control and sanitation after fire.