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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2000

The most popular camera in the world, is a smartphone, Almost all of us have a pretty decent camera in our pocket all the time these days and we use them, a lot. Photo-sharing website Flickr produce a list of the most popular cameras used to take the photos on their website and Apple and Samsung top the list. Smart-phone cameras have improved drastically in the last couple of years but for those special images they just can’t match the performance of a Digital SLR or Bridge camera.
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Presence: Smart Surveillance Camera

Technology can disrupt an entire industry without even being noticed. The music business didn’t spot the iPod was a wolf in sheep’s clothing and around the world, the taxi industry were caught napping on the rank as Uber rolled in to town. The same thing seems to be happening to the home security business. More and more home security and monitoring equipment is made for DIY install by anyone and the security monitoring business could be next as we can now get live video and alerts straight to our phone.
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GoPro HERO Session

Most of us have a camera nearby these days, and most of them are pretty decent. Our mobile phones do a reasonable job of capturing birthdays, weddings and summer-days at the beach. However, if you’re being a little more adventurous and taking to the water or climbing somewhere with an unforgettable view you could use a Point-Of-View camera. It was GoPro that ignited this type of photography a decade ago and the latest version of their Hero camera is the best-priced and smallest in their line-up.
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Sky Invasion

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