The Gadget Buzz Returns To TV3 on April 1st

The Gadget Buzz is back and this year Joe Donnelly is joined by Dr. Fionnuala Conway for TV3’s  second series of the popular tech show.

The Gadget Buzz travels through Ireland and Europe looking at the latest tech that we’ll probably all have to hand in a couple of years. The show’s back on air every Friday from April 1st at 8:30pm.

After a sneak peak at the first episode,  we discovered that Joe makes his way to Belfast company, “Brewbot“. Turns out these former Belfast app developers now make a robot that brews beer with the help of app on an iPhone. Teh show’s technology editor Andy O’Donoghue talks about the Myo armband with Joe, and Dr Fionnuala Conway dismisses four wheels, forsakes her favourite two wheels and takes to one with the world’s leading electronic skateboard ‘OneWheel‘.

Henrik Hellman puts the OneWheel through its paces in Dublin
The Gadget Buzz on TV3 – Henrik Hellman puts the OneWheel through its paces in Dublin

Over the six-part series, The Gadget Buzz shows us the coolest tech on the market but looks at how technology is changing people’s lives, with episode two looking at “Triax“: a sideline monitoring system that monitors head impact in sports

Tune in, starting Friday April 1st, 8:30pm on TV3.


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